Stop, drop, and roll has been the method for teaching fire safety since the late 1970s, but what if we used this same technique to extinguish stress in our lives?

I am not suggesting that if your boss moves your end of the month presentation to two o’clock today, you stop everything you’re doing, drop to the floor, and start rolling around the office. No, that will not be effective or productive. It can actually increase your stress level.

My theory is simple.

However, before I share it with you, please don’t confuse the following procedures with what you have to do during an actual fire!

Now that I’ve mentioned my disclaimer, here’s how to relieve stress fast.


relieve stress

During any stressful situation, the first thing you should do is stop and breathe. What feels like forever is only a moment. Check yourself before reacting.

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Step away from the stress. Take time to listen to yourself and gain perspective. Be honest when taking an account of your needs, making sure they are being met.

Observe the situation as a third party would. Think about what would you tell a friend in this situation and then be brave enough to take your own advice.


roll into laughter

Roll with laughter! It’s the secret sauce to handling stress—humor!

Laugh more and often. The more we laugh, the more we learn to laugh.

It is a proven fact that we laugh more with others than we do alone. So, spend time playing with your friends and doing activities that bring you joy. By finding the “funny” in life, we discover self-acceptance, perspective, and develop positive coping skills.

If you remember to STOP, DROP, and ROLL, whether you are literally on fire or just feeling the heat, you will not only survive but be more capable of handling any future flames.

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